Approvals & Certifications

Quality Policy Statement

Our objective at Flite Path is to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations in our core business of supply to the Aerospace and allied industries. We take pride in the commitment and achievements of our people in providing the required spare parts and services for all past and prospective clients.

Flite Path has the following Approvals and Certifications

CASA Approval

Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia Approval No: C544096

Quality Standard ISO 9001

Certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Management System Standards, Certificate Number: AU004067-1


Military Approval

Australian Military Approval Code: Z5P78

Boeing Logo

Authorised Boeing Vendor

Boeing Australia Vendor Code: FLIT50

BAE Systems badge

BAE Systems Approval

BAE Systems Australia Code: BAE/AG/20405/AU